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No New Prisons
Ordinary citizens can actively oppose prison construction or prison expansion where they live.

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State Prison Numbers Drop For 1st Time Since 1972; from Associated Press (US), 3/17/10

The Rainmakers: Banking On Private Prisons In The Fleecing Of Small-Town America; from In These Times (US), 3/5/10

Part 3: Bondsman Lobby Targets Pretrial Release Programs; from NPR (US), 1/22/10

Part 2: Inmates Who Can't Make Bail Face Stark Options; from NPR (US), 1/22/10

Part 1: Bail Burden Keeps U.S. Jails Stuffed With Inmates; from NPR (US), 1/21/10

International Legal Precedent: No Private Prisons In Israel; from Haaretz (Israel), 11/23/09

Candidate Pete Holmes Spreads 'No New Jail' Message In West Seattle; frrom West Seattle Herald (WA), 10/12/09

Ex-Judges Indicted In Kids-For-Cash Prison Scheme; from (US), 9/10/09

Doing Borrowed Time: The High Cost Of Back-Door Prison Finance; from Justice Strategies (NY), 1/1/07

America's Jail Crisis; from Forbes Magazine (US), 7/13/09

Coalition Pushes For Alternatives To More Prisons; from Bradenton Herald (FL), 6/24/09

Michigan Shuts 8 Prisons To Save $120M; from, 6/5/09

WA: Prison To Shrink By Half; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 6/3/09

Netherlands To Close Prisons For Lack Of Criminals; from NRC Handelsblad (NL), 5/25/09

Prison Plan Opposition Grows; from Arizona Star (AZ), 5/18/09

Why We Must Fix Our Prisons, by Sen. Jim Webb, from Parade Magazine (US), 3/29/09

The Shame Of The Prisons; from TIME Magazine (US), 1/18/71

Wash. Activist Fights Immigrant Detention Center; from Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA), 2/23/09

US Expands Prison In Afghanistan; from Al Jazeera (Middle East), 2/20/09

Business Lobby: Don't Build Prisons, Release Inmates Instead; from Miami Herald (FL), 2/19/09

Prisons Director Demands Reforms; from Columbus Dispatch (OH), 2/13/09

Judges to Serve More Than Seven Years in Prison After Pleading Guilty in Prison Kickbacks Probe; from (US), 1/29/09

States Ponder Early Release For Some Prisoners; from MSNBC (US), 1/10/09

Ohio Bill Seeks To Ease Prison Crowding; from Akron Beacon Journal (OH), 12/19/08

Editorial: Early Treatment Of Mentally Ill Can Reduce Inmates; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 10/28/08

State Hopes New Prisons, Early Release Cut Crowding; from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA), 10/27/08

Activists Protest Immigrant Prisons in Georgia; from Atlanta Progressive News (GA), 10/18/08

Jail Junkies; from Willamette Week (OR), 10/1/08

Minorities Overrepresented Among Felony Convictions; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 9/28/08

Commentary: About That Jail; from The Inlander (WA), 8/13/08

[Spokane] County Pushes Back Jail Vote Until 2009; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 7/23/08

Editorial -- Our View: Jail Should Wait; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 7/20/08

"Expanding Prisons Mean More Jobs"; from Fayetteville Observer (NC), 7/20/08

New Jail Could Cost $245 Million; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 7/10/08

No New Prisons Despite Stricter Laws; from National Post (CAN), 6/23/08

Gallatin County Sheriff Won't Send Inmates To Hardin Jail; from Billings Gazette (MT), 6/17/08

Fiscal Pressures Lead Some States to Free Inmates Early; from Washington Post (DC), 5/5/08

OpEd: Looking At Negatives Of A N. County Jail; from Santa Maria Times (CA), 3/31/08

Editorial: Addicted To Jail; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 3/2/08

Life on the Block; from The Inlander (WA), 2/27/08

Walk To Stop ICE Detention Facility; from Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CO), 2/27/08

Group Says Prisoners Skew Political Clout; from Associated Press (US), 2/21/08

Misunderstanding Leaves Hardin Prison Standing Empty; from Helena Independent Record (MT), 2/13/08

Editorial: Let's Work At Not Building Prisons; from Des Moines Register (IA), 2/10/08

"We Cannot Build Prisons Fast Enough"; from Washblog (WA), 1/30/08

Prison Drinking Water and Wastewater Pollution Threaten Environmental Safety Nationwide; from Prison Legal News (US), 1/17/08

Education Versus Incarceration; from WireTap Magazine (US), 11/16/07

Jail Estimate Surprises County; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 9/26/07

US: Stars and Bars; from The Nation (US), August 2007

[FL] Budget May Cut Prisoners' Hard Time; from The Ledger (FL), 8/24/07

LTE: Watson Should Sort Own Garbage; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 8/10/07

Mayor Larkin Surprised By Jail Plan; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 8/10/07

Jail Recycle Center Proposed; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 8/9/07

Column: No More Prisons! from Pasadena Weekly (CA), 5/30/07

Senate OKs Bill To Reduce Prison Need; from Dallas Morning News (TX), 5/28/07

Outside View: Action On Offenders; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 5/23/07

Shortage Of Corrections Officers Ends Jail-Space Deal; from Seattle Times (WA), 5/22/07

Release: Books Not Bars Moves Closer To Closing CA Youth Prisons; from The Ella Baker Center (CA), 5/1/07

The Census' Prisoner Miscount Distorts Democracy; from Prison Policy Initiative (US), 4/10/07

Among Architects, a Prison Design Boycott Gains Steam; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 4/6/07

Eastern WA State: An Overview of Prison Expansion News, posted 2/15/07

Study Predicts Rise In Inmate Populations; from Pew Charitable Trusts (US), 2/14/07

Aiming For Course Corrections On Prison Priorities; from Denver Post (CO), 2/14/07

OpEd: Think Outside The Cell; from Houston Chronicle (TX), 2/11/07

Community Builds Momentum Against Prison Expansion in San Diego; from Drug Policy Alliance (US), 2/6/07

Open Mind On Inmate Release; from (MI), 2/6/07


Instead Of Prisons: A Handbook For Abolitionists; from Prison Policy Initiative. Many prison reformists yearn for the end of imprisonment but find themselves confronted by questions which seem difficult to answer. This online Handbook (also avalable in hard copy) seeks to answer those questions. We perceive the abolition of prisons as a long range goal, which, like justice, is an ever continuing struggle.

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