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No New Prisons
Ordinary citizens can actively oppose prison construction or prison expansion where they live.

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Other Groups Opposing Prison Expansion:

Justice Works!

Californians United For A Responsible Budget

Massachusetts Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition

Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR)

The Ella Baker Center

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Endorsing No New Prisons


Justice Works! - The Justice Works! mission is undoing racism in the criminal justice system as experienced by African Americans. Our vision is to provide a safe, affirming and unique community whereby African Americans, with the support of their allies, use self-determination to solve problems encountered with or created by the criminal justice system. We work to reduce crime by addressing the underlying causes of crime: desperation and defiance. We support the successful transitioning of incarcerated people returning from prison to the community and we advocate for changes to create a more just criminal justice system.

November Coalition - The November Coalition is a non-profit, grassroots organization with a mission to raise awareness in individuals and communities about the spiraling increase in numbers of imprisoned in the United States due to drug-law enforcement. We arouse and activate fellow taxpayers, and warn our fellow citizens of the steady erosion of civil liberties, human rights and personal freedoms allowed by federal and state authorities waging the war on drugs.

Arizona Family Rights Advocacy Institute - Promotes and protects the fundamental human right to family association.

Massachusetts Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition (SHaRC) - A grassroots organization which opposes all new jail/prison construction and/or expansion. We demand the humane treatment of all prisoners/detainees, and support needle exchange, treatment on demand, drug decriminalization, decriminalization of 'prostitution' and the transfer of funds from the criminal justice system to community health, schools and education.

Get Up, Stand Up is a campaign to end felony disenfranchisement, supporting the restoration of voting rights to men and women once they leave prison and re-enter the community.

National Public Service Council To Abolish Private Prisons (NPSCTAPP)

New Vision Organiztion, Brockton, MA

Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (RIHD) is a nonprofit, all volunteer statewide organization dedicated towards reducing crime and reducing recidivism through programs that promote education for at-risk youth; prisoner and former felon self-rehabilitation.


Nora Callahan, November Coalition, Colville, WA
Chuck Armsbury, November Coalition, Colville, WA
Tom Murlowski, November Coalition, Colville, WA
John Chase, November Coalition, St. Petersberg, FL

Lea Zengage, Justice Works!, Lake Stevens, WA
Willie Robinson, Justice Works!, Lake Stevens, WA

Robin Scoins, Arizona Family Rights Advocacy Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Susan Mortimer, Massachusetts Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition (SHaRC)

Ted Conigliaro, Naples, FL

Raydeen Edwards, Atlanta, TX

Carla Valderrama, Get Up, Stand Up

Chris Yang, Austin, TX

Antonio Hill, Lancaster, PA

Shannon Bremer, Caldwell, ID

Dahlia Modero, Odem, TX

Shandalyn Choice, Irving, TX

William Edward Thomas, (NPSCTAPP), San Francisco, CA

Jeff Haislip. Austin, TX

Leonna Brabdao, New Vision Organiztion, Brockton, MA

Lillie Branch-Kennedy, Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged, Highland Springs, VA

Cynthia Ramirez, El Paso, TX

Kenneth Williams, Mandeville, LA

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