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No New Prisons
Ordinary citizens can actively oppose prison construction or prison expansion where they live.

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Other Groups Opposing Prison Expansion:

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Californians United For A Responsible Budget

Massachusetts Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition

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"In recent decades, growth in the number of people in US prisons has been the largest in history -- the prison population increased by more than one million between 1980 and 2000. ... Despite this tremendous growth, the prison construction boom has received relatively little attention. It is remarkable that a public undertaking as far-reaching as the American prison expansion, which affects millions of incarcerated individuals, influences millions more family and community members, and consumes billions of public dollars, would receive so little empirical analysis and public scrutiny." -- The New Landscape of Imprisonment, from The Urban Institute

Further Prison Research

World's Leading Jailer The Drug War Fiscal Accountability Public Safety
Environment & Economy Public Health Prisons & Human Rights Race & Class
Imbalance of Power Political Power Prisons for Profit Militarism & Punitive Law

Alternatives to Prisons

How did the United States become the world's leading jailer?

Has the war on drugs caused the prison construction boom?

Doesn't the 'tough on crime' approach save the tax payer money?

More prisons should mean more peace of mind, right?

Are prisons the clean, prosperous industries that prison proponents promise?

Do prisons have an effect on public health?

How do prisons intersect with torture, abuse and global human rights?

What relationship do prisons have with race and class distinctions?

How does prison expansion change community, state and federal policing?

What other detrimental effects do prisons have on our democracy?

Are private prisons a better value?

Are there connections to be made between the prison and military industrial complexes?

What are some alternatives to prison expansion?

Instead Of Prisons: A Handbook For Abolitionists; from Prison Policy Initiative.

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